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Nucleic acid extraction reagent

Nucleic acid extraction reagent

Automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument series

Ark automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument has the characteristics of simple operation, high efficiency and high cost performance. Using magnetic rod transfer magnetic beads technology, can be widely used in soil, water, sediment, bacteria, fungi, feces, blood, urine, swabs, tissue homogenate and other types of samples of nucleic acid automatic extraction. Simply add the sample, the instrument can operate according to the set program for nucleic acid extraction. Effectively reduce human error, ensure sample consistency and save manpower.




qPCR instrument

This product is supported by qPCR kit independently developed by Ark Biological Company for nucleic acid amplification, real-time fluorescence detection and automated result analysis. Equipped with the Internet of Things management platform, the experimental report can be automatically generated, and the experimental results can be viewed in real time on the mobile phone.


IOT management background

FD-GX of nucleic acid extraction and detection integrated machine

This product integrates nucleic acid extraction and gPCR detection. Using magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction, the extraction procedure can be edited freely, which is suitable for nucleic acid extraction of multiple types of complex samples such as feces, tissue blood, swabs, etc., and is directly connected with high-sensitivity qPCR detection, thus truly achieving sample entry and data exit.


IF-WB06 of Automatic Western Blot Processing System

Ark full-automatic immunoblotting incubator IF-WVB06 can independently complete the experimental process of sealing, primary anti-incubation and secondary anti-incubation after transfer printing, liberating the hands of experimenters and reducing operation errors. Six films can be operated for 4 hours at the same time to complete the experiment, saving time and effort, and greatly improving the efficiency and success rate of the experiment. With protein recovery function, reduce protein usage and reduce experimental costs



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