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High-throughput qPCR chip customization

High-throughput qPCR chip customization


According to custom’s requirements, we provide design and optimization of a high-throughput qPCR chip. It is based on Wafegen® SmartChip Real-Time PCR System and used for multiple genes quantification. An integrated chip can perform 5184 qPCR reactions at the same time.

Experimental process

  • The SmartChip MultiSample NanoDispenser platform prepares nano-scale gPCR reaction systems 
  • The SmartChip Real-Time PCR Cycler completes the qPCR reaction and obtains the reaction Ct value, melting curve and amplification curve

Representative products and articles

Representative product

  • Antibiotic resistance gene chip
  • Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur functional gene chip
  • Arsenic functional gene chip
  • Heavy metal resistance gene chip
  • Virulence factor gene chip
  • Environmental fecal pollution traceability chip
  • Pathogenic bacteria quantitative chip

Representative article

Article title


MRG Chip: A High-Throughput qPCR-Based Tool for Assessment of the Heavy Metal (loid) Resistome

Environmental Science & Technology

VFG-Chip: A high-throughput qPCR microarray for profiling virulence factor genes from the environment

Environment International

Diverse and abundant antibiotic resistance genes in Chinese swine farms


QMEC: a tool for high-throughput quantitative assessment of microbial functional potential in C, N, P, and S biogeochemical cycling

Science China Life Sciences

AsChip: A High-Throughput qPCR Chip for Comprehensive Profiling of Genes Linked to Microbial Cycling of Arsenic

Environmental Science & Technology

High-throughput diagnosis of human pathogens and fecal contamination in marine recreational water

Environmental Research


High throughput
Hundreds of target genes can be detected simultaneously.
Low usage
The volume of each reaction system is low to 100 nanoliter to greatly reduce the cost of the reagents.
Low cost for single gene quantification compared to traditional microliter-scale PCR systems
Absolute quantification
Based on the absolute quantification of the 16S rRNA, the absolute quantification of all other genes can be calculated.

Customized delivery

List of primers
Information such as the sequence of the primers, the length of the amplified fragments, the gene names, and functions, etc. 
Explanation of experimental operation and data analysis
Operator's manual and training for the experimental process including sample requirements, quality control requirements, amplification curve, melting curve interpretation, Ct value interpretation standards, quantitative calculation methods, etc. 
R&D process report
Primer design, experimental validation, and other related record of R&D.

Service process

  • Custom provides the target microbial species or genes
  • We provide quotations and sign service contract
  • High-throughput qPCR chip design
  • High-throughput qPCR chip validation and optimization 
  • Customized service delivery



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