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MAGI News | MAGIGENE Participating in Shenzhen Specialized and Special New "Little Giant" Innovative Product Exhibition and Docking Meeting

Ride the wind and waves to forge ahead: Since its establishment, MAGIGENE has focused on the innovative technology of microbiology and the research and development and industrialization of products. Microbial scientific research services, microbial gene chips, microbial detection, microbial regulation, and genomic enzymology technology are at the international leading level. MAGIGENE continues to focus on microbiome technology and application fields, and continuously improves its basic research and practical application capabilities in the field of microbiome, aiming to benefit society with microbiome technology, and is committed to occupying a place in the international microbiome field. Being selected as a national-level specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise this time is a high recognition and affirmation of the country and society for the comprehensive strength of MAGIGENE's technological innovation, core research and development, and market development. In the next step, we will continue to focus on the market, focus on the main business, improve the development in the aspects of operation and management, intelligent transformation, technological innovation, international market development, etc., and make the enterprise specialized, refined, bigger and stronger, so as to make due contributions to the national economic development, continue to explore on the road of "specialization and innovation", adhere to core technological innovation, and contribute to the development of the microbial industry!

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