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Prokaryotic transcriptome

Prokaryotic transcriptome

Product Introduction

Prokaryotic transcriptome sequencing refers to the use of high-throughput sequencing technology to sequence the transcripts of prokaryotes, and comprehensively and quickly obtain the information of all transcripts of a specific microorganism in a specific state. Transcriptome sequencing can not only quantitatively analyze mRNA expression, analyze differentially expressed genes and their corresponding functions, but also analyze sRNAs to reveal the molecular regulatory mechanisms and functions of different microbial phenotypes.

Product Features

  1. Using the kit to remove rRNA,rRNA removal efficiency is good, the data quality is high;
  2. Using chain specificity to build the library, the stability of the library is good;
  3. In addition to quantitative analysis of mRNA, transcripts can also be analyzed;
  4. MRNA and sRNA prediction and variation analysis can be carried out at the same time to interpret the expression interaction network more comprehensively.

Technical parameters


sequencing platform

sequencing strategy

prokaryotic transcriptome

New PE150

2 G raw data

Experimental process

Total RNA Extraction

RNA Quality Inspection

mRNA Purification and Fragmentation

double-stranded cDNA synthesis

End Repair Plus A and Fittings

Degradation of the second strand of cDNA

Fragment selection and PCR enrichment

Library Quality Inspection

on-board sequencing

Analysis process

Analysis results display

clustering tree

Trend gene GO enrichment analysis results

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