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Eukaryotic transcriptome

Eukaryotic transcriptome

Product Introduction

The eukaryotic transcriptome is mainly divided into two categories according to whether there is a reference genome, the eukaryotic transcriptome with reference and the eukaryotic transcriptome without reference.
Eukaryotic reference transcriptome: refers to the transcriptome sequencing of eukaryotic organisms or their tissues, cells, etc. that have reference genomes. By comparing the sequencing results with the reference genome, the sequencing saturation and gene coverage of transcriptome sequencing can be verified, and the information of gene structure, gene expression difference and alternative splicing can be obtained.
Eukaryotic Transcriptome: refers to the sequencing of a eukaryotic transcriptome in the absence of a reference genome. When sequencing the eukaryotic non-reference transcriptome, first, after obtaining the original data, the data needs to be quality-controlled and spliced into unigene, and then the unigene is used as the reference sequence for subsequent analysis. Differential gene expression analysis and differential gene function enrichment analysis can also be performed on multiple samples to discover functional genes and provide direction for further research.


Product Features [Hard Design]]

  • High coverage: a single transcriptome sequencing experiment can obtain comprehensive coding RNA information;
  • Rich annotation information: by comparing with major databases, more complete transcriptome annotation information can be obtained;
  • Association analysis: You can combine multiple omics data to carry out cross-omics association analysis.

Technical parameters


sequencing platform

sequencing strategy

eukaryotic transcriptome

New PE150

6 G raw data


Experimental process

Total RNA Test

mRNA Purification and Fragmentation

double-stranded cDNA synthesis

End repair, add A and splices.

Fragment selection and PCR enrichment

Library quality detection

on-board sequencing

Analysis process

(1) Eukaryotic ginseng transcriptome

(2) Eukaryotic non-reference transcriptome

Personalized analysis of images

Differential gene volcano map

PCA diagram



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