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Functional gene chip-GeoChip (agency)

Functional gene chip-GeoChip (agency)

Product Introduction

The GeoChip is a high-throughput functional gene array that used to target microbial functional genes involved in key biogeochemical cycles such as C, N, S, P and various metals, stress response, microbial defense, electron transport, plant growth promotion, virulence, gyrB, and fungus-, protozoan-, and virus-specific genes.

The latest version GeoChip 5.0 contains 161,961 oligonucleotide probes covering >365,000 genes of 1,447 gene families from broad, functionally divergent taxonomic groups, including bacteria (2,721 genera), archaea (101 genera), fungi (297 genera), protists (219 genera), and viruses (167 genera), mainly phages. Yet, it is the most comprehensive microarray available to date for examining the functional capabilities of microbial communities important to biogeochemistry, ecology, environmental sciences, and human health. The GeoChip 5 is highly specific, sensitive, and quantitative based on both computational and experimental assays. This technology has won the R&D100 award (2009) by the US R&D magazine.

Probe distribution and repeatability

GeoChip has higher repeatability and stability compared with next-generation sequencing

Functional gene families covered by GeoChip version 5.0 and their functional gene probes


  • High reproducibility.
  • High coverage.
  • Specific, sensitive, and quantitative.

Experimental process

Sample collection - Nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) extraction – Quality and quantity assurance - Fluorescent labeling - Microarray hybridization - Scanning and data processing

Analysis process

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