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MagiMeta Cloud

MagiMeta Cloud

Product Introduction

Magigene combines the power of cloud elastic computing with a focus on microbiology to serve as a comprehensive research assistant in the cloud for every customer. Currently, it has seven major components, including cloud genomics, cloud classroom, cloud resources, cloud tools, advanced tools, cloud database, and cloud computing power. It provides standard analysis processes, practical analysis tools, diverse knowledge classrooms, and excellent project articles to fully satisfy research needs.

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Cloud Ecosystem Module

  • Cloud omics: microbial diversity, metagenome, transcriptome and other standard analysis process, 300000 the number of samples;
  • Cloud Classroom: 300 Meige Academy, research ideas, training courses, popular science videos, all kinds of knowledge;
  • Cloud resources: 900 excellent project articles, covering all products, and roam the ocean of knowledge at any time;
  • Cloud tools: 150 tools, three steps to get SCI level exquisite pictures;
  • Frontier tools: 4 tools for phage identification, lifestyle prediction, classification prediction, host prediction;
  • Cloud database: literature sample data information search, filtering, integration, analysis of fast, greatly improve the utilization rate of data integration;
  • Cloud computing power: based on huge cloud computing resources, the ultimate solution for cloud computing in the field of microbiology.

Module Presentation

Cloud omics & cloud tool case show:

Cloud Omics-Statistical Chart of Microbial Diversity simpson Index

Cloud Tools-Differential Gene Radar Chart

Cloud Computing Power -- The Ultimate Solution of Cloud Computing in the Field of Microbiology

Meige Cloud Computing Power is a deep integration of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS developed by Meige Gene in cooperation with Huawei Cloud. It solves the ultimate solution of "how to complete data analysis efficiently, stably and flexibly and store data safely in limited funds.

Operational power feature

  • Self-service configuration: short, medium, and long-term computing resources;
  • 0 basis: online one-click analysis;
  • Random deployment: efficient and complete omics analysis process;
  • High cost performance: high efficiency and low cost.

Cloud computing power advantage

  • Very low cost of server rental and omics analysis;
  • Server specifications are diverse and support flexible changes;
  • High data storage security;
  • With the server deployment, equipped with the most efficient omics analysis process and the latest annotation database;
  • Applicable to the crowd is very wide.

Note: For users without Linux foundation and server requirements, the 0 basic online analysis module is also provided, and the analysis task can be triggered by uploading the original sequencing data in one step.

Cloud computing power function advantage

  • Cloud computing power is equipped with flexible selection of server specifications. Users can upgrade CPU, memory and hard disk without installing the system to meet different needs of servers, saving time and worry;
  • Cloud computing power is equipped with parallel, multi-threaded omics analysis process and the latest database to solve the various difficulties encountered by users when analyzing on the machine;
  • Cloud computing power is equipped with online analysis service, which provides users with 4 different metagenome analysis processes (quality control assembly prediction ten quantitative annotation statistical analysis and analysis report), solves the difficulty of transmitting huge amount of metagenome data, and is suitable for "0" basic users.

Cloud computing interface display



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