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Bacterial completion chart

Bacterial completion chart

Product Introduction

The bacterial completion map refers to the comprehensive use of second-generation or third-generation sequencing technology, according to the specific information of the strain for genome sequencing assembly, and finally can obtain the complete genome sequence without gap. The complete map of bacteria can obtain comprehensive and rich genomic information of bacteria, so as to conduct in-depth excavation of functional genes from multiple perspectives such as pathogenicity, drug resistance, and environmental adaptability, and conduct in-depth research on the characteristics of different phenotypes of microorganisms.

Technical parameters


sequencing platform

sequencing strategy

Delivery Metrics

Bacterial completion chart

ONT Nanopore

NovaSeq PE150/PacBio Sequel lle

1 G raw data (second generation)

1G raw data(三代)/400Mb raw data

1 conting 

0 gap


Experimental process

Sample Collection
DNA extraction
DNA testing
Library preparation and warehouse inspection
on-board sequencing

Analysis process

Analysis results display

Genome collinear map Genome-wide map





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