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Microbiomics, represented by microbial diversity and metagenomics, is employed to investigate the composition, diversity, and functional information of microbial communities. Metabolomics, meanwhile, monitors the low molecular weight metabolites in an organism or cell during a specific physiological period, revealing their relationship to physiological and pathological changes.

The analysis of complex physiological processes is challenging with single omics data alone. However, by jointly analyzing multiple omics data, we can explore potential regulatory mechanisms from different perspectives. By correlating two omics data using approaches such as correlation coefficients, O2PLS and network graphs, we would better address questions at the species, gene, and metabolite levels. This approach holds great promise in understanding host physiology, disease pathology, drug pharmacology, and other aspects.

Advantages of joint analysis

  • Multi-angle data analysis.
  • More comprehensive results.
  • More reliable conclusions.
  • New insights.

Analysis process

Figure 1 Flowchart of microbial diversity and metabolomics joint analysis. 


Analysis results display

Chord chart

Sankey diagram

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