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Product Introduction

Macro-proteomics is a discipline that qualitative and quantitative proteins in microbial communities on a large scale, so as to reveal microbial phenotypic information at the molecular level. It can use mass spectrometry technology to collect protein information of natural microbial populations on a large scale, and combine a variety of omics data to carry out the research on the genetic characteristics and biological functions of microbial populations.

Product Features

  • Targeted protein extraction methods to improve macro-protein extraction efficiency;
  • Dedicated protein database to improve the accuracy of protein identification;
  • Advanced mass spectrometry platform to produce high quality data;
  • Complete data analysis process, providing personalized data analysis.

Experimental process

Sample processing

mass spectrometry analysis

bioinformatics analysis

Analysis process

Analysis results display

Differential protein volcano map

Protein Venn diagram

Sample Metabolic Pathway Annotation Chart

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