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MAGIGENE’s technology of nanobody screening based on the activation-induced cytidine deaminase mutagenesis system.

MAGIGENE’s technology of nanobody screening based on the activation-induced cytidine deaminase mutagenesis system.

1 What is Nanobody?

Nanobodies are a type of antibodies derived from heavy-chain antibodies (HCAbs) found in camelidae or immunoglobulin new antigen receptors (IgNAR) in certain species of cartilaginous fish. The variable domain of the heavy-chain antibody, known as VHH, is the smallest complete antigen-binding single polypeptide chains discovered in natural antibodies.. Its name, "nanobody," comes from its small size, measuring 2.5 nm in diameter and 4 nm in height. Nanobodies possess unique characteristics that offer significant advantages over traditional antibodies. They combine the desirable properties of monoclonal antibodies with the beneficial properties of small molecule drugs. Nanobodies have garnered dramatic interest in the field of diagnostics and therapeutics due to their exceptional stability and affinity, as well as their cost-effective production when compared to traditional antibodies. 


Molecular Reason

High stability and solubility

Ability to refold after denaturation; soluble monomer

Improved antigen binding

Greater structural variability

Rapid tissue penetration; Low off-target toxicity

Small size and quick blood clearance

Low immunogenicity

High degree of homology to human VH

Ease of production

Small size; soluble monomer

2,MAGIGENE’s technology of nanobody screening based on the activation-induced cytidine deaminase mutagenesis system

MAGIGENE has been authorized by Sun Yat-sen University for the use of patent Preparation and Use of Inducible Mutant Protein Based on Activation of Inducible Cytidine Deaminase. This system allows us to mutate the CDR sequence of VHH. By continuously mutating the yeast, we generate a diverse VHH library from which we can extract antigen-specific VHH using the yeast surface display method. Compared to traditional VHH screening from immune libraries of camelidae, the mutagenesis screening VHH system offers significant advantages in terms of cost, iteration, parallelism, and time-saving.  Findrop Biosafety Technology (Guangzhou), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAGIGENE, now implements this patented technology for nanobody screening, nanobody product development, and related technical

Nanobody mutation system based on the activation-induced cytidine deaminase 

Nanobody yeast surface display based on the activation-induced cytidine deaminase mutagenesis system

● Traditional nanobody screening process

● Traditional nano antibody screening technology process

The nanobody library is constructed in yeast using the activation-inducible cytidine deaminase-based mutagenesis system. The yeast is induced to display nanobodies. Following that, nanobody screening takes place. The selected nanobodies are then subjected to sequencing. This process is followed by iteration-screening to further refine the selection. 

● MAGIGENE’s technology of nanobody screening based on the activation-induced cytidine deaminase mutagenesis system


1.Low cost and time-saving: The nanobody library is generated in yeast using a highly efficient mutation system, eliminating the need for animal immunization. This approach offers significant cost savings and saves time.
2.High quality of nanobodies displayed: The nanobodies displayed on yeast cells undergo posttranslational modifications by eukaryotic cells, resulting in higher activity compared to conventional synthetic libraries. This ensures the production of high-quality nanobodies.
3.Iteration-screening: Iteration-screening allows for the reinduction of enriched yeast cells after each round of screening. This process ensures the capacity and diversity of the screening sublibrary, leading to better results with each iteration.
4. Sequence optimization: The system allows for sequence optimization by mutating antigen-specific VHH. This enables the screening of mutants with improved activity, enhancing the overall performance of the nanobodies.

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