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R & D Engineer (Shengxin R & D Direction)

1. According to the company's research and development project process, implement the implementation plan of the planned R & D project;

2. Real-time control of research and development progress, foresee possible problems, timely report of project progress and ideas;

3. Summarize the results of each project to form an internal database of technology and knowledge;

4. Analyze and summarize the experience and lessons learned in the process of research and development into written information to improve the quality of research and development;

5. Provide necessary technical training for the company;

6. Complete other related tasks and work arrangements issued by the department.


Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree, master degree or above, major in bioinformatics, molecular biology, pathogenic microorganism, etc;

2. Strong computer programming ability, familiar with Linux environment, familiar with Python/R and other programming languages;

3. Good at analyzing and solving problems, imaginative and learning ability, strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit;

4. More than one year of work experience in the same industry or outstanding fresh graduates can also be considered.

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