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MAGIGENE | Solid Course! The 24th Shengxin Training Course (Fuzhou Station) Successfully Concluded!

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2023/10/27-29 MAGIGENE's student letter training class-macro group excellent class in Fuzhou, the three-day course has come to a successful conclusion! Thank all the excellent teachers and students for their enthusiastic participation. Now let's review the wonderful pictures in the training class and the appearance of everyone studying hard! Come and see if you're in the mirror?!

MAGIGENE Gold Lecturer-Dr. Zhang Zhimin-In Course

With his rich scientific research experience, Dr. Zhang Zhimin has taught the basic theory of macroomics and practical exercises on the computer, providing a complete introductory foundation and profound understanding for the students who want to contact macroomics.

Senior lecturers of MAGIGENE-Mr. Yuan Wenguang and Mr. Lu Xuejuan-in the course of practical exercises

The kind lecturers Yuan Wenguang and Lu Xuejuan bring detailed operation explanations to the students. Communicate and interact with students in real time, answer questions in time, and provide students with knowledge in code.

Hot lunch and tea break

In addition to concentrating on studying, the MAGIGENE Training Course also provides nutritious lunches and small snack during recess. After filling your stomach, you can continue to absorb new knowledge!

Students who study hard

For three days of solid and rich courses, I believe that the students are not only immersed in the influence of knowledge, but also full of inspiration for all kinds of macroomics research, which has laid a good foundation for the next scientific research road!

The 24th training course of Meige Gene held in Fuzhou in the middle of cool autumn ended successfully in the atmosphere of everyone studying hard! Thank you for this encounter. Not only did the students learn new knowledge, but for the lecturers, it was also another precious memory of teaching and learning! The sparks stirred up in the course will keep everyone in their hearts and look forward to your continued flourishing and blooming on the academic road! See you again in the future!

In 2023, Meige Gene has launched training courses in Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Kunming, Guangzhou, Shandong and other places, providing high-quality training courses for scientific research teachers and students from all over the country. The last stop of this Fuzhou behavioral Meige gene training course in 2023, I believe this successful conclusion will also lay a better starting point for next year. Leave a message about your city at the bottom of the tweet, maybe we can meet in your city next year! SEE YOU SOON!

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